Brucefest has an ongoing narrative that invites participants to step into the world of the Evil Dead and take part in the age-old struggle between humanity and the ancient Kandarian demons that hunger for our souls.

Catch up on the story and assume your role in the fight between good and evil… but which side will you choose?


BRADLEY SMART (deceased) 

Former President and CEO of S-Mart

Bradley Smart’s dream was to regain control of S-Mart, his family’s discount department store chain… at any cost. He made a pact with the demons; he gets S-Mart back, and they get the juicy human souls they hunger for. S-Mart flourished… then Bradley grew a conscience. When his allegiance to evil wavered, Bradley was ousted by the S-mart board and is now reported dead.


Reluctant Hacktivist

An agoraphobic librarian, Chester Eckels is the last person one would expect to spearhead humanity’s resistance to the demons. He was drawn into the fight when Ruth Kowalski, his only friend, was possessed and transformed into a deadite while shopping at the Detroit S-Mart. Chester became obsessed with finding the truth about S-Mart. In this pursuit he has learned of the existence of true evil and now believes it is his duty to resist it despite the terrible danger.


Current President and CEO of S-Mart

Before her promotion, Tamara was S-Mart’s head of PR and mostly worked behind the scenes. Now, she is the first President and CEO that is not of the Smart bloodline. Though she has made few public appearances, industry analysts have noted the explosion of growth S-Mart has experienced since she stepped into the role.

PART 1: Brucefest 2021

Brucefest premiered at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado, hosted by the festival’s corporate sponsor… S-Mart. President and CEO Bradley Smart was on-site handing out applications and befriending participants.

However, strange technical disruptions plagued the festival. Participants began receiving cryptic warnings through the festival’s app. The source was revealed as Chester Eckels, who was desperate to warn participants that they may be in danger and that S-Mart was hiding a dark secret.

On the festival’s final day, S-Mart hosted an employee appreciation banquet for the participants Bradley had recruited over the course of the weekend. The meal was interrupted when star Bruce Campbell charged into the banquet hall with a desperate warning. Deadites had overrun the Estes Park S-Mart and were on their way to the hotel!

Barricaded in the banquet hall, guests raced to help Campbell discover the source of the evil before it was too late. Their investigations revealed Bradley Smart as the source of the possessions. When Campbell attempted to apprehend Smart, the villain summoned a deadite to possess Campbell’s assistant. The deadite attacked Campbell while Bradley escaped. Fortunately, Mr. Campbell was able to dispatch the new-made deadite with a mini-chainsaw and the hotel was saved.

PART 2: Brucefest 2022

Brucefest returned to the Stanley Hotel, once more with S-Mart as its corporate sponsor, the horrifying events of the prior year swept under the rug. Something was different this year though… Bradley was in poor condition and seemed strangely melancholy.

With Chester’s guidance, participants undertook an investigation of Smart to discover S-Mart’s plans. They first accessed an emergency meeting of the S-Mart board conducted via zoom. There, they learned that Bradley was on thin ice with the board and that they were taking steps to neutralize him.

An infiltration of Bradley’s hotel room revealed the depth of his struggle; he was beset by a demon intent on taking possession of his soul! He was doing all he could to resist; wards, protection charms, demonic study… but it seemed a losing battle.

Bradley lost his fight at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for S-Mart’s Saturday Market. Now fully possessed, the demon controlling Bradley vowed to enslave the entire human race. Dilligent participants uncovered ritual which would allow them to banish the demon and save the soul of Bradley Smart, then enacted this ritual during a dance on the festival’s final night. The demon was overcome and Bradley was restored. He expressed remorse for his crimes and pledged that he would transform S-Mart into a force for good.

It was not to be. Bradley’s brother, S-Mart CFO Randall Smart, arrived unexpectedly and announced that Bradley was being placed on “administrative leave.” As the participants looked on in shock, Randall produced Necronomicon Ex Mortis, the book of the dead, and used it to open a mystical portal. Ignoring Bradley’s desperate pleas, Randall shoved him through, closing the portal behind him.

With S-Mart’s villainy on full display, Bruce Campbell fired them as the festival’s sponsor.


Brucefest, now lacking sponsorship, continues providing opportunities for Bruce’s fans to come together to connect with Bruce and celebrate his work as a community. Meanwhile, S-Mart has continued to grow as it readies the next phase of its sinister plan…

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