*Saturday’s Cocktail Hour with Bruce Campbell first drink is free, cash bar afterwards

*Sunday’s Bloody Brunch is first come, first served

Additional Photo Ops and Signing events are ticketed separately. You may purchase tickets on-site before the events.

You are permitted to bring one item for signing and take only one photo.

Film Schedule


6:15p: Army of Darkness

8:00p: Evil Dead

(Watch with Bruce Campbell)

10:00p: Evil Dead 2

1:45p: Army of Darkness


10:00a: Evil Dead

5:15p: Bubba Ho-Tep

8:00p: Evil Dead 2

(Watch with Bruce Campbell)

10:00p: Army of Darkness

11:35p: Evil Dead


10:00a: Bubba Ho-Tep

12:00p: My Name is Bruce

2:00p: Evil Dead

4:00p: Evil Dead 2

7:00p: Army of Darkness

(Watch with Bruce Campbell)

9:00p: Bubba Ho-Tep

11:30p: Evil Dead

Ticket Check-in Times / Places


2-6pm @ Concert Hall

7-8:30pm @ Concert Hall


10am-12pm @ Concert Hall

3-5pm @ MacGregor


11am-12pm @ Concert Hall

4-6pm @ Pavillion

Hotel Room Check-in is 4pm in Main Building

Festival Map

Stanley Hotel Grounds

This event requires proof of vaccination or exemption with negative test.
For full health policy please visit: https://www.aegpresents.com/health-policy/

Hey all you Bruce-fans, listen up! We here at S-Mart couldn’t be more thrilled to sponsor Brucefest at the Stanley hotel, and we can’t wait for you to join us! But you don’t have to wait for November 12th for the fun to begin… we’re pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Eventzee to create a place for Bruce fans to share stories, participate in activities, and undertake challenges in the weeks leading up to Brucefest!

To get involved, download the Eventzee app from your favorite app store, register an account, and enter the event code BRUCEFEST2021. Keep an eye on your inbox; we’ve got lots of fun activities and surprises planned to help the wait go a little faster.

Remember, here at S-Mart safety is our number one priority. Some of these activities may require you to get up, move around, explore your town… just remember to do so carefully and safely. We need all of you in tip-top shape for Brucefest!

There’s more spooky adventures to be had this weekend, check out The Stanley Hotel Ghost Tours, Magician Shows + more!

“Be sure to visit The Vault at The Stanley to purchase your souvenir bottles of whiskey.”