“Watch With” Screenings

Enjoy “Watch With” screenings of some of your favorite and never-before-seen Bruce Campbell movies, featuring witty and hilarious live commentary and Q&A’s from Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi

Test your Bruce-trivia in this hilarious game show, hosted by the King himself! Last Fan Standing is not your standard quiz show or trivia contest. As the only interactive game show created exclusively for fans, Last Fan Standing tests your knowledge about the things that really matter: Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Superheroes, Gaming. Prizes will be had for the winners, so start studying up now!

Get a photo with the King himself and Ted Raimi! Then get your favorite chainsaw signed by them too!

Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi will crown the winner of a Bruce Campbell cosplay contest on stage! Bring your best Broomstick and get some prizes!!!

Join us in your most ghoulish cosplay and fancy attire for the dance of a lifetime! 
We invite you to the S-Mart Holiday Party featuring Bruce themed cocktails and spooky appetizers catered by celebrity Chef Chris Binotto.
Sign up throughout the weekend to challenge Ted Raimi at Fluxx by Looney Labs! Fluxx is a card game about change, and it changes as you play it. It’s a card game of ever-changing rules and how you win can also change from one turn to the next.
For further info and rules on Fluxx please visit looneylabs.com/fluxx  

This unique photo experience features larger than life set pieces, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the Evil Dead universe fully for a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity.

 A custom and interactive scavenger hunt throughout the Stanley Hotel featuring Bruce-centric items, and prizes to win at the end!

A stylized, self-guided, curated and informative exhibit of props from your favorite horror movies of incredibly rare and sought after pieces. BruceFest 2022 will also feature props from Sam Raimi’s Private Collection! 

Watch as much Bruce as you want with constantly running titles, such as Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness, Bubba Ho-Tep, Running Time, Moontrap, and My Name is Bruce.

Join the immersive ARG and solve the mystery of what evil lurks behind the squeaky-clean S-Mart corporate facade!
Take a tour of real, historical books of magic, hosted by Dr. Justin Sledge or Esoterica. From ancient Greco-Egypt to the black magic manuals that survive from the medieval period with special attention paid to surviving necromantic manuals!