Celebrate the true spirit of Halloween with Evil Dead (A)Live in Concert, a live-to-film experience that will thrill and chill, featuring a special guest appearance by the original score composer Joe LoDuca.

The legendary cult film will be screened in a newly restored format, while the entire musical score will be brought to life by The Book of the Dead Orchestra, featuring special guest Joe LoDuca on keyboards.

Joe LoDuca began his film career by composing this iconic score for director Sam Rami, and went on to win multiple Emmys for his scoring work. Most recently, Joe released are imagining and re-recording of the original Evil Dead score called “Evil Dead: A Nightmare Reimagined,” where Jo re-recorded and expanded on the original musical themes of the movie.

Evil Dead follows five college students on vacation in an isolated cabin in the woods, where they unwittingly release absolute evil into the world and have to fight to survive.This indie classic is known as one of the most significant cult horror films of all time, and has generated a massive following worldwide since its release.

Don’t miss Evil Dead (A)Live in Concert-an incredible resurrection of this beloved cult classic in a way you’ve never seen it before in this lifetime, or the next!

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Tickets on sale Friday, March 25 at 12p ET!